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Welcome to the E-Invoice Onboarding Toolkit

This is a repository for open source software tools created to facilitate market adoption of e-invoices implemented conformant with the Four-Corner Model of an Exchange Framework.

Project Goals

GOALS: The features of the project as outlined in the project roadmap.
Roadmap Feature Feature Phase Purpose of Feature
Feature #1 - SML NAPTR DNS Lookup Discovery 1. Create an ID code based on the Buyer's party ID
2. Look up the ID code up in a global internet database to get the address of a website which has more information about the Buyer.
Feature #2 - SMP REST API Query Discovery 3. Contact the website from the previous step to make sure the Buyer can in fact handle receiving an e-invoice and where to send it.
Feature #3 - AS4 Message header format validation. Delivery 4. Validate that an e-mail message sent to the Buyer is in the correct format.

Project Outcomes

OUTCOMES: How the features are implemented.
Outcome Feature Phase
1. Hashing functionality to derive the URN for look-up in a DNS NAPTR record. Feature #1 Discovery
2. Execute DNS NATPR lookup and extract the relevant SMP URI. Feature #1 Discovery
3. Two REST requests to an SMP server using a REST API to retrieve a Corner 3 URI. Feature #1 Discovery
4. Execute the web service requests to the SMP server. Feature #2 Discovery
5. Extract the Corner 3 endpoint URI from the response from the SMP server. Feature #2 Discovery
6. Validate an E-Invoice ebMS message header for compliance with an AS4 conformance profile. Feature #3 Delivery

For information about E-Invoices and the Four-Corner Model please visit the Business Payments Coalition website.

Additional documentation, reference materials, and standards can be found on the website. Start with the ebXML specification

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